Huarong has one team who are specialized in the commercial display fields more than 15years.

LED Display

-Built-in HD camera

-Full touch writing

-4K ultra-clear image quality

-Dual-core engine (support Windows,Android dual system)

-Wireless wifi

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LCD Splicing Screen

-High stability, high-definition picture quality

-Wide angle 178 degrees, no dead ends

-High quality, low power consumption

-Abundant splicing methods, multi-mode combination

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Digital Signage

- Modular design, easy maintenance before and after

-Fast installation

-Current sharing and backup power supply, never black screen

-Can be used cyclically

-High brush image quality

-Energy saving 35%

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technological process

Huarong has one team who are specialized in the commercial display fields more than 15years.

SMT Workshop

Brush Conformal Coating

Automatic Screw

Automatic Reflow

Automatic Glue Filling

Automatic Drying Glue Line

Cabinet Assembly

Whole Screen Aging

Automatic Earthquake Testing

Automatic Anti-Vibration Testing

Screen Box Packing

About Us

Is your business looking for LED display, LCD screen , Kiosk accessories supplier with factory price?Shenzhen Huarong Electronic co.,ltd is a leading LCD, LED display, Digital signage manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. ur products include both indoor and outdoor LED advertising boards such as Indoor LED Screen Display, Outdoor LED Screen Display, Fixed LED Screen, LED rental display, car display, LCD Screen, Digital signage and many more. Huarong Brand products have been recognized by the industry and praised by customers for their good quality at home and abroad. After years of rapid development, We has self-built standard factories now. Equipped with various general-purpose and special-purpose production equipment, high-speed automated production lines, and imported testing and analysis instruments from Japan, it enables us to go above and beyond to deliver quality results. In the meanwhile, there are high-quality management personnel and Research & Design technicians in the industry. Therefore, we can provide excellent after-sales care and support services in a timely.

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Huarong has one team who are specialized in the commercial display fields more than 15years.

5G intelligent exhibition hall

HR high quality LCD screen and Advertising machine HD display makes H-TECH clearer

5G intelligent exhibition hall

HR 43 inch stand floor digital signage Displayed in Anhui Innovation exhibition hall

5G intelligent exhibition hall

Huarong high quality LCD screen and advertising machine Display the new technology in 5G information Innovation Park

5G intelligent exhibition hall

Huarong P1.6 pixel LED video wall built in AI laboratory

Command center

55 inch 0.88bezel LCD Display 3*5 cabinet High-tech Internet of Things company Fine management of parking spaces.

Command center

46 inch 0.88mm bezel 4*5 Cabinet + 55inch 0.88mm bezel 2*3 Cabinet Multi LCD Display combination High-standard Water supply station realize automated production

Command center

P5 LED sign board + 46 inch 1.8bezel LCD Display 5*3 cabinet Accurately control the whole production process to realize fully automated management

Command center

46 inch 1.8mm bezel 5*4 + 65inch 1.8mm bezel 2*3 Multi LCD Display combination Monitoring the whole working area of the industry.

Commercial advertising

P10 12.66m x 3.35m Out of home billboard makes your products seen by all.

Commercial advertising

P3.91 custom Rubik's cube screen Six-sided graphics can be combined and transformed at will

Commercial advertising

65inch 3.5mm1*8 LCD Display Beijing Institute of Architecture product introduction video wall

Commercial advertising

55inch 3.5mm 1*9 LCD Display Jiangsu Huaian CBD Commercial Sales Department

Creative Display

P3 custom spherical Customized products will bring a lot of fun to the display and attract viewers.

Creative Display

Indoor P3 LED display, special-shaped, torch screen 21.6m² Ruijin Culture and Art Center Science and Technology Museum Project

Creative Display

P3 Youth Model Comprehensice Pratice Base of Korla Project Customized projects create an immersive experience and make viewers

Creative Display

3D LED Fan Display Display the holographic video at the airport.

Media & Conference

55 inch 3.5MM, 2x3 wall mount Meixian Electric Power Bureau The LCD Display make the conference more intuitive and digitized.

Media & Conference

P2.5mm indoor led Display Workers' Cultural Palace Double-Sided Led display makes the view All-round display

Media & Conference

65inch interactive white board China power construction Laos Hydropower project

Media & Conference

55inch 1.7mm 3x3 LCD Display wall mount Sichuan Xichang City Finanical conference center


Huarong follows up the industry trends and keeps innovating

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Best Wishes for The Coming 2022 Economic Year 22 December 2021

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year ahead

Huarong joins hands to help build an ecological, 5G smart pavilion 23 August 2021

  Chongqing Liangjiang New District New Planning Exhibition Hall is an important window for displaying Liangjiang New District. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​about 1,800 square meters. It contains three function halls, a preface hall, the main hall, and a tail hall, two multimedia animations, and 11 multi-functional LCD screens.

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Why You Should Consider Choosing A Transparent LED Display 10 August 2022

You may want to ask, "why is a transparent LED display a better choice? " Do not stress much. This article will give a clear view on why you should consider choosing a transparent LED display.

What Are the Benifits of Fixed LED Display? 22 July 2022

The indoor fixed LED display is a screen made up of high-quality material for exhibiting and presenting various demonstrations. In other words, a LED display is a video display screen and a fine ornament to the area where it is kept, whether it be an office room or any other area. It is usually installed and supported using a standard iron cabinet with a durable build and lightweight. 

What Are the Applications of Creative LED Display Screen 12 July 2022

Many individuals are looking for LED video panels to place as advertising displays on walls, poles, roofs, etc.; these panels typically broadcast content about brands, promotions, and other things. But these LED panels have a lot more uses than that. events like concerts, services in churches, plays, etc. Owning a led display panel is worthwhile and highly profitable, but it also relies on the type of business you run. This article will focus more on the application of creative LED displays.


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