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Large-area Colored Led Glass Wall

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Absrtact: This paper describes a new large-area colored led glass wall, which is a combination of led display technology and traditional building curtain wall technology, and also a dynamic information dissemination carrier for buildings. The new large-area colored led glass wall has applied for a new practical patent in China.
Key words: led display, led glass wall, display module, non-linear pixel virtual technology
I. Technical field and background technology
This paper introduces a product which has applied for a patent of Chinese utility model. It is a kind of large-area colored led glass wall, which involves a large area of led color display glass wall. It is mainly suitable for brightening and display of building wall decoration, especially as a large-area colored led glass wall device.
A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light emitting device capable of converting electrical energy into visible light. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, high light quality, pure light color, low energy consumption, long life, safety, short response time, green environmental protection and flexible control. These advantages make leds an ideal green light source, and more and more of them have been successfully applied in the field of engineering lighting and display, giving people a new feeling. For example, in terms of color performance, lighting control, environmental protection and energy saving, it has advantages over traditional neon lights, incandescent lamps, and tungsten halogen lamps.
At present, the exterior walls of high-rise buildings are generally equipped with ordinary neon lights, halogen lamps, etc. for night sights and decorations. Large display devices of various types and designs can be seen on some important buildings. They are used for various advertisements for merchant products and services or for publishing news, or for dynamic visual effects to enhance the nightscape of a building. Large-scale flat panel display devices widely use high-brightness leds as display device

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