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Decided to The LED Display Price Several Important Reasons

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Has LED the market good and evil people mixed up, greatly small LED display screen manufacturers very much; The LED display price level is different, some LED display company from what price. In fact, familiar with the LED display industry people know, there are a lot of factors which restrict the LED display price: such as screen size, material system supporting factors and construction factors etc, all is not the price decision factors. Below we from five aspects explain the influence of the main factors LED display screen price.

A, raw materials of IC chips to the LED display price impact: LEDFUL led display

Emitting chip speaking, can be divided into the imported materials and domestic materials. Import the sources of: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, at present there are some domestic chip. Each shine chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The United States and Japan chip, because of its core technology has been hold in similar monopoly background, America, Japan chip prices. Taiwan and mainland chip prices is relatively cheap, but its performance compared to America, Japan chip, there are still some difference. If the LED display is used in more important occasions, we still recommend using imported materials is better; In addition to LED chips, also influence the LED display price is the main factor LED drive IC, but if I were customer words I would rather choose a good driver IC, because although it prices a little higher, but drive IC is to influence the LED display quality and the service life of the very important factors, and do the full color LED display screen must be used constant pressure constant current driver IC; The other aspects of the material such as power supply, body, and make the screen all kinds of accessories.

Second, specifications to the influence of the LED display price:

Here only said conventional products, from color on the LED display can be divided into monochrome, double color, full color, from the use of the environment can be divided into indoor, outdoor half an outdoor, each kind of specification LED display price is different, and the indoor high current and stick full color, stick one table full color, full-color dot matrix, outdoor full-color divided into 1 R1G1B (usually a high density, such as: PH10, PH12), 2 R1G1B (usually a high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc.). Different specifications required configuration is different, so the price also will be different.

Three, the main supporting system for the LED display price impact:

System accessories: send card, receiving card, transfer the card;
Broadcast system: control computer, multimedia card or video card, played software;
Editing system: editing video compression card, computer, editing software;
Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software;
Protection: cooling system, power distribution system, and lightning strikes system;
Audio system: megaphone + speakers;
Video input device: DVD/VCD sets, video, closed-circuit television;
Graphic input: scanner, digital camera. Above fittings and equipment and accessories in addition to system play system, the other are optional equipment. Due to the brand and purchasing the influence of such factors as the LED display price nature, there are differences.
Four, installation construction factors on the price of influence:

By the site, installation, and the body size, frame structure material so factors, the LED display engineering prices will surely have bigger difference, especially making the LED display screen outdoor billboard, environmental impact by construction, engineering price are very different.

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