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Magic cube screen

Stereoscopic,multifaceted, and creativeLED Rubik's Cube Screen,Creating a Visual Feast
LED Rubik's Cube screen is a unique and eye-catching LED display screen withall-round display capabilities
which can present images and video content on eachside of the cube. You can freely assemble and combine according to your needs
High brightness and contrast ensure the clarity and brightness of images and videocontent. Whether indoors or outdoors
even under strong light, your content willremain bright and vibrant, allowing the audience to see every detail clearly

Characteristics of Creative Magic Cube Screen
The LED Rubik's Cube screen can perfectly display your content


Advanced LED packaging technology
LED Rubik's Cube screen bead surface mounting technology is a preciseprocess that uses high viscosity glue or adhesive to fix
LED beads onto thedisplay module. This type of adhesive or adhesive has good resistance tohigh temperature, humidity
and UV rays to ensure the stability andlong-term reliability of the lamp beads. lt ensures that LED beads can beaccurately
and firmly attached to the display module to achieve high-qualitydisplay effects

360 degree all-round display
The LED Rubik's Cube screen can display images and videos on varioussides of the cube, achieving a 360 degree display effect
Viewers can ap-preciate content from different perspectives and create an immersive visuaexperience

Content can be edited and controlled
The LED Rubik's Cube screen can be programmed and controlled througha control system to achieve playback and switching of
images and videos.Users can customize the display content according to their needs, creatingdiverse display effects

High brightness and contrast
The LED Rubik's Cube screen adopts high brightness LED chips and opti-mized display control technology
which can provide vivid and bright imageand video display effects. High contrast display can make content clearerand sharper

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