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LED spherical screen

360 degree stunning, LED spherical screen,illuminating a panoramic visual miracle
LED spherical screen is a creative LED spherical display screen with multiple displaysplits
telescopic special-shaped display, and uniform technology to display high-definitionimages without distortion
The modules and PCB boards adopt trapezoidal board designwhich can achieve seamless splicing, 360-degree viewing angle
easy expression of de-tails,and full-view viewing. Supports uniform sampling technology
the display screen isnot distorted and has great advertising value

Different characteristics meet your different needs

High brightness and contrast
The LED spherical screen adopts a high brightness LED screen, which candisplay clearly in both indoor
and outdoor environmentswith good visibilityand higher brightness
lt can meet the placement needs of various indoorand outdoor places, and has higher work efficiency

programmable controller
LED spherical screens can be programmed and controlled through a con-trol system to achieve playback and switching of images and videos
Userscan customize the display content according to their needs, creating di-verse display effects

Flexible installation according to usage
LED spherical screens have flexible installation, which can be installed onwalls, ceilings, etc. according to different
environmental conditions. Theycan be installed according to customer needs, making installation moreflexible. Moreover
the perspective of the screen can be adjusted accordingto different scenes
allowing the audience to watch the content displayedon the screen more comfortably

Omni directional display
Through a spherical structure, LED spherical screens can display imagesand video content within a 360 degree range
Viewers can appreciate con-tent from different perspectives and create an immersive visual experience

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