Transparent LED Display

Modern technology continues to develop and innovate, people's application requirements for display carriers and the frequency of use is also increasing, transparent LED screen applications continue to be expanded at the same time, the application of scenes for the screen permeability and other higher requirements.

Background of Huarong Transparent LED Display Technology

Huarong as a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality transparent LED displays, provides a variety of indoor and outdoor LED displays. Our advantage lies in unique design and innovative development. We have been researching for many years in the field of transparent LED displays technology.

Feature of Huarong Transparent LED Screen

LED transparent screen is increasingly used in shopping malls, office buildings, high-speed railway stations and other scenes because of its high permeability, light weight, small space occupation, easy installation, high-tech sense and other characteristics.

Transparent LED display is very widely used in our daily life, we divide transparent LED display into indoor transparent LED display and outdoor LED display according to the different application situations.

Advantage of Huarong Transparent LED Display

High transparency effect

About 75% perspective effect, does not affect indoor lighting and viewing

Smart operation

Intelligent control of transparent LED display can be realized through WiFi and APP

Save installation cost

Light weight, easy to install, can save a lot of installation costs

Easy and fast maintenance

Indoor maintenance is fast and safe, but also can save manpower and material resources. 

Save lighting cost

Can save most of the exterior wall lighting lamps, while the LED screen more attractive, both cost savings and advertising benefits.  

Energy saving and environmental protection

Its own power consumption is small and the average power consumption is low, so it does not need traditional cooling system and air conditioning to dissipate heat. 

Occupies little space & light weight

The main board of the screen is only 10mm thick, and the weight is only 14㎏/㎡. The load requirement of the glass curtain wall changes very little.

Widely used

banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, office buildings, etc.  




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