Small Pitch LED Display

Small pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED point pitch at P2.5 and below, mainly including P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, P1.0 and other LED display products. With the improvement of small-pitch LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED display has been significantly improved.

Huarong as a leader in the small pitch LED display industry, we have rich experience in commercial small pitch LED screens. Whether it is LED display or LCD screen, we are professional. We have a team specialized in the business display industry for more than 15 years. Over the years, we have been committed to the innovation and research of unique product design and LED display technology.

We have a professional team, customized design, strict quality control and perfect after-sales service system. We believe we can provide more professional and considerate service.

Small Pitch LED Display Product Advantages

  • More dense pixel dots in the same area compared to ordinary displays for ultra-clear images
  • Visible distance to get closer
  • More precise modules and higher technology content
  • Large luminous angle, wide viewing angle, high refresh frequency
  • Small pitch led electronic screen under the same pixel, more energy saving and power saving
  • Small pitch led electronic screen with high fault tolerance, a small range of dead lights occur, the impact on the screen is not significant

Technical Advantages of Small Pitch LED Display

  • With seamless splicing, natural and realistic colors, ultra-high grayscale and other features, especially the ultra-high grayscale creates a delicate and realistic color display.
  • Small pitch led electronic screen point spacing is smaller, the resolution is greatly improved, and the display screen is becoming clearer and more delicate.
  • Mature point-by-point calibration technology, quite convenient in post-maintenance.



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