Our products include both indoor and outdoor LED advertising boards such as Indoor LED Screen Display, Outdoor LED Screen Display, Fixed LED Screen, LED rental display, car display, LCD Screen, Digital signage and many more. Huarong Brand products have been recognized by the industry and praised by customers for their good quality at home and abroad.

LED Display

Huarong is a professional manufacturer and supplier of led displays, with fifteen years of manufacturing experience in this industry. All of our led displays are strictly on CE, FCC standards with the best raw material, show the best video status to users.Our led displays/screen wide and varied range includes Creative LED Display, Fixed LED Display, Transparent LED Display, Small Pitch LED Display, Rental LED Display, etc. In addition to these high quality products, we also provide 24-hour maintenance and after-sales service.

With the development of industry and technology, intelligence is already an unstoppable trend, and the application of led display is becoming more and more widespread.For example Concert, studio, meeting room, control room, station high speed bail, business center, etc.

LED displays are classified in a variety of ways, roughly according to the following:

By display device

  • LED digital display: Suitable for the production of clock screen, interest rate screen and other electronic displays that display numbers
  • LED dot matrix graphic display: Suitable for playing text and image information

By use environment

  • Outdoor LED Display
  • Indoor LED Display

By control or use method

Advantage of LED Display

High area extensibility, achieve seamless splicing.

Realize the interaction of human-machine interface.

LED display effect is stronger and brighter, with great advertising value.

Long service life: at the right current and voltage, LED display have a long service life.

Large viewing angle: indoor LED display viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor LED display viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The LED screen can be large or small, as small as less than one square meter, or as large as several hundred or thousands of square meters.


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