LCD Screen

The full name of the LCD display is Liquid Crystal Display, which is a type of flat panel display. On-screen display for televisions and computers. The advantages of this display are low power consumption, small size and low radiation.

Huarong as a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality LCD Screen. We have been able to provide high-quality 46-65 inch LCD splicing screen and smart fitness mirror screen products and technologies. Our advantage lies in unique design and innovative development. We have been researching for many years in the field of LCD splicing screen technology and can provide customized services for LCD displays of various specifications.

The development of LCD screen technology is exactly in line with the current trend of information products, whether right-angle display, low power consumption, small size, or zero radiation and other advantages, users can enjoy the best visual environment, the emergence of LCD splicing screen is to give the public a better visual senses.

Advantages of LCD Splicing Screen

  • Can use large screen splicing, or small screen splicing.
  • Can be displayed on a single screen, or the whole screen can be spliced.
  • According to the application requirements and system scale of the LCD splicing screen system proposed by customers.
  • According to the actual application environment, select the appropriate splicing method and the best products, design personalized solutions to meet the needs of customers.

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