Creative LED Display

With the development of economy and science and technology, our pursuit of beautiful things is getting higher and higher. Traditional LED display has gradually failed to meet the market demand, creative LED display, transparent LED display and a series of creative products appear, so that the LED screen into a higher level.

Huarong as a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality creative LED displays. We have been able to provide high-quality creative LED displays, transparent LED displays, and other non-traditional LED screen products and technologies. Our advantage lies in unique design and innovative development. We have been researching for many years in the field of creative LED displays technology.

Definition of Creative LED Display

Creative LED display refers to LED display with special appearance, which is derived from traditional LED display. Creative LED displays break the simple square shape of traditional LED screens.

Feature of Creative LED Screen

  • From custom needs: can be customized according to the site environment and the overall structure, as well as the size and size of the creative LED display needs
  • From the appearance: creative LED screen can greatly attract the attention of the audience and achieve better publicity effect
  • From the screen shape: spherical, diamond-shaped, sector-shaped, gem-shaped, cylindrical-shaped, arc-shaped LED display screens with various irregular shape and structures. 

Type of Creative LED Display

3D Smart LED Display Magic Cube LED Display LED Video Wall Dance Floor Tile LED Display
Dot Matrix LEDDisplay Foldable LED Display Soft LED Display Spherical LED Display

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