What’s an Interactive Whiteboard

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What is an interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a smart board that much like a whiteboard is a fantastic communication tool to use within the classroom and learning environment. The difference between a traditional whiteboard and an interactive whiteboard is that an interactive whiteboard in the classroom integrates technology, displaying a large digital screen for learning resources and tools.

Interactive whiteboards can be used in a wide range of applications; however, interactive boards are becoming particularly prevalent in the classroom. The ease of use and widespread engagement for learning means that every day, teachers are relying on interactive whiteboards in the classroom to support their lessons, in both primary and secondary educational facilities.

More and more teachers are using smartboard technology in the classroom. Here are five ways teachers are engaging with students using this technology:

1. Presenting Additional Content on the Whiteboard

The whiteboard shouldn’t replace teaching or lecture time in the classroom. Instead, it should enhance the lesson and provide opportunities for students to better engage with the information. The teacher has to prepare additional materials that can be used with the smart technology before class starts – such as short videos, infographics, or problems the students can work on using the whiteboard.

2. Highlight Important Information from the Lesson

Smart technology can be used to highlight essential information as you work through a lesson. Before the lesson begins, you can outline the sections to be covered in class. As each section begins, you can break down the key topics, definitions, and critical data for students on the whiteboard. This can also include graphics and videos in addition to text. This will help students not only with note taking, but also to review future topics you will be covering.

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3. Engage Students in Group Problem Solving

Center the class around problem solving. Present the class with a problem, then pass over the interactive whiteboard to the students to let them solve it. With the smartboard technology as the center of the lesson, students can better collaborate in the classroom. The digital technology unlocks the internet as they work, allowing students to connect the lesson to technology they use every day.

4. Answer Student Questions

Engage the students using the interactive whiteboard and questions from the class. Look up additional information or data using the smart technology. Write the question on the whiteboard and then work through the answer with the students. Let them see how you answer the question or pull in additional or data. When you are finished, you can save the results of the question and send it to the student in an email for later reference.

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