What is Digital Signage?

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As digital signage increasingly impacts our lives and presents opportunities for the world of business, its capabilities are also evolving from a passive system that pushes content to a more advanced system that connects, interacts, and pulls content from diverse sources in real time.


What is digital signage?

According to Wikipedia, Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage for public display. Companies use them to address informational and advertising requirements for their campaigns. In addition, these digital screen displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper as a method of communication. It is common for digital signage to dynamically display content like digital images, videos, HTML web pages, social feeds, weather data, static ads, menu items, text, or other relevant information.

And, it is everywhere.

 Digital signage

The birth of digital signage

The term “digital signage” first saw light of day in early 1992 in a UK shopping center, where a security guard – not knowing the appropriate term – apparently first referred to a network of video walls as digital signage. In the early days, VHS and DVD content was displayed on old tube televisions we used to have before flatpanels were a thing.

When thinner television models became more affordable in the early 00s, retailers began using them for promotional value – just as they did in the 70s when the VCR hit the market. Flatpanels became a norm in many stores and public spaces, replacing banner ads and paper posters. High-quality ads streaming in-store was an impressive sight, wowing customers and influencing sales.

But the content displayed was still of a more static nature, either a looping ad, still images or simple slideshows.


Types of Digital Signage

Examples of the most common types of digital signage, based on usage scenario:

  • Public - location-specific information (news, weather, traffic, etc.), maps, wayfinding
  • Corporate - knowledge sharing, meeting room booking, meeting coordination, training
  • Sales - product/service portfolios, whiteboarding, demonstrations
  • Tourism - wayfinding, points of interest, city information
  • Retail - self check-out, endless aisle, product showcase, smart mirror
  • Restaurants - self-service, digital menu board, self-ordering kiosk
  • Marketing - promotions, ambiance, gamification
  • Museums - gallery, wayfinding, digital tours
  • Education - classroom teaching, wayfinding, library exhibitions
  • Exhibit & Tradeshow - interactive product/service catalogs, visitor registration, networking

 digital signage

Why do we use digital signage?

The growth rate for the industry is constantly on the rise. Here’s why:

  • Enhancing the opportunity to advertise within restricted spaces
  • Engaging and converting prospects through displaying multiple messages
  • Familiarizing consumers with brand tones by delivering timely messages
  • Delivering strong ROI by cutting the cost of printed material and shipment logistics
  • Improving the outlook of physical spaces to align with company branding
  • Reducing travel costs by connecting virtually with remote employees in real-time


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