Introduction To The Characteristics And Principle Of Small-pitch LED Display

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Introduction of Small Pitch LED Display

Before understanding the principle of small-pitch led display, we must first know what is a small-pitch LED display, which literally means a small-pitch led display. How small should this distance be? This definition is relative, not felt, so why do you say that? As early as 2014, at that time, the P4led display screen was even a small-pitch LED display, and it was a very good indoor P6 full-color display or an indoor P5led full-color screen.

And 2018 is the year of small-pitch LED display blowout, which mainly benefits from the development of LED lamp bead technology. Small-sized lamp bead technology is becoming more and more mature, and the quality is more and more stable. Now it is a display with a spacing below P2. It is called small-pitch led display. At present, the main models that are popular in the market are: P2led electronic display/P1.9led full color screen/P1.8led screen/P1.6led display/P1.5led display/P1.25 small pitch led display.

Small Pitch LED Display

Small pitch LED display principle

The principle of small-pitch LED display is mainly to use small-sized lamp beads, such as SMD 1515 lamp beads or SMD 1010 lamp beads, to reduce the distance between the lamp beads and the lamp beads, and the PCB board is designed with a four-layer or six-layer circuit board. , The box is made of die-casting aluminum material, and all the designs are to ensure the quality and stability of LED small-pitch display products.

Main Features of Small Pitch Display

(1) The unit modular design, the whole screen is truly "seamless".

Especially when used to broadcast news features or hold video conferences, the characters will not be divided by seams. At the same time, when WORD, EXCEL, and PPT are often played in the conference room environment of the led display screen, they will not be confused by the seam and the table dividing line, resulting in misinterpretation and misjudgment of the content.

(2) The color and brightness of the whole screen with small spacing are highly consistent and uniform, and can be corrected point by point.

It completely avoids the phenomenon of vignetting, dark edges, and "patching" that commonly exist in projection fusion, LCD/PDP panel splicing, and DLP splicing after a certain period of use, especially for "visualization" that is often played in conference displays. When analyzing "pure background" content such as charts and graphics, the small-pitch high-definition LED display solution has unparalleled advantages.

(3)The brightness of the whole screen with small spacing supports intelligent adjustment from 0~1200cd/㎡, fully adapting to various indoor display environments.

 small-pitch led display

Features of Small Pitch LED Lamp Beads

(1) 4-PIN RGB package, the chips are arranged in a straight line;

(2) The black package substrate is used to improve the color contrast;

(3) The product is light in weight, and the weight of a single LED is as small as 1.0mg;

(4) All black RGB package can be realized; light loss is 25%;

(5) Small size 0.5*0.5mm RGB package can be realized;

(6) The surface of the product is matte, and the screen glows softer

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