Future Opportunities For LED Smart Light Pole Screens

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         Smart light pole screen, also known as multi-function smart pole, is a kind of smart light that can be equipped with new energy vehicle charging piles, LED displays, 5G communication base stations, WiFi wireless networks, smart energy-saving street lights, smart security monitoring, face recognition, etc. Equipment, a public infrastructure that integrates multiple functions such as smart lighting, video surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring, wireless communication, and emergency assistance.

        An important function of smart light poles is information release, and the LED display screen is a very important part of the display terminal carrier. Among all the components of the smart light pole, the display screen can be said to be the only device that can reflect "smart" to the public. Because of the display screen, the light pole that originally looked "dead" finally "lived". In the industry, we refer to this LED display based on smart light poles as "LED light pole screens" for short. Different from traditional outdoor large LED display screens, LED light pole screens are different in terms of size, application scenarios, and technical requirements.

       However, as LED light pole screens are closely related to the smart light pole industry, the future development potential is huge. In recent years, the concept of smart city (also known as digital city construction has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the pace of smart cities has been accelerated throughout the country. As an important starting point for the implementation of current smart city construction projects, smart light poles have developed into an emerging industry. The upstream, midstream, and downstream of its supply chain have gradually become clear, and the industries involved have become increasingly clear. In 2019, after the launch of 5G commercialization in China, various provinces, cities, and regions across the country set off a wave of 5G-based smart city construction. From Xiongan New Area to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, from Guangzhou to Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chengdu, all regions are actively promoting 5G base station planning. And the construction of smart light poles. After entering 2020, the country proposes to accelerate the "new infrastructure construction" represented by the seven fields of 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. "Project construction policies, smart light poles, as an important carrier for the current 5G micro base station deployment, have received positive responses from various local governments, and related policies have been issued for strong support and promotion. Under the national strategic development and the wave of new infrastructure, smart light poles, as 5G base stations, new energy vehicle charging piles, Internet of Things, and other intensive, efficient, green, and environmentally friendly hardware platforms, as the "central" of smart cities and artificial intelligence, will welcome Come to the stage of rapid development.

     However, smart light poles are part of the public infrastructure of urban construction, and it is closely related to the overall planning and design of urban construction. At present, the development of smart light poles has been supported by many provincial and municipal governments. It is reported that since 2018, many provinces and cities across the country have introduced communications infrastructure policies, and many local policies mention the implementation of multi-purpose use. , And the deployment of 5G networks, its policy content is closely related to the smart light pole industry. During 2019-2020, Guangdong Province will build 2,088 smart poles and renovate the stock of 207,741. With the continuous advancement of smart city construction and the promotion of 5G commercialization, the scale construction of smart street light poles in my country will achieve breakthrough growth. Relevant data also show that the market size of my country's smart street light industry has exceeded 20 billion yuan in 2019. According to this development speed, it is predicted that by 2022, the market size of my country's smart street light industry will exceed 100 billion yuan.

The broad market application space has spawned a vibrant industry, which is an opportunity that the smart light pole industry brings to the LED display industry. But opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and LED light pole screens are also only reserved for companies that are prepared. All in all, if you want to seize the opportunity brought by the smart light pole industry and share a piece of the huge cake in the smart light pole industry, companies need to find the right positioning and temper their ability to cut the cake. Our LED display companies need to have an in-depth understanding of the development status of the smart light pole industry, conduct targeted product layout research and development, and actively explore a development path that fits our LED display industry.


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