Data visualization for smart transportation construction

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With the large-scale networking of transportation hubs, massive vehicle traffic records are gathered, which plays an important role in urban traffic management.

Many city management adopts multiple measures, using massive data combined with the application of artificial intelligence technology, which can analyze urban traffic flow in real-time, adjust the interval between traffic lights, shorten the waiting time of vehicles, and improve the efficiency of urban road traffic. However, due to the inability to comprehensively control the overall traffic situation, it is also impossible to realize the intelligent management of urban traffic.

The visualization of data and information is conducive to traffic governance. The large-scale visualization screen of the transportation industry has entered the public's field of vision, especially in some important places such as monitoring centers, command centers, and dispatch centers. Large-screen display systems have become an indispensable core foundation for information visualization. system.

For the traffic management department, the use of a large visual screen will have more effects. As the large screen integrates geographic information system, video monitoring system, and traffic management department business system data, comprehensive monitoring of traffic conditions, police force distribution, police events, and police reception and handling conditions can help managers grasp the overall traffic situation in real-time.

It can not only achieve the role of refined management but also assist in reducing the occurrence of traffic violations and traffic accidents. Real-time monitoring is realized, which can effectively improve the ability of coordination, and has the effect of a comprehensive layout. At the same time, it will also be combined with different transportation departments to use the current system resources to achieve data collaborative management of multiple different departments, so that it can be effectively satisfied with the current resource sharing and can be used in the management platform achieved.

From outdoor traffic guidance screens, bus stop smart displays to indoor traffic monitoring screens, etc., to the new smart transportation projects such as "smart pedestrian crossing systems" and parking guidance systems that are quietly blooming in major cities, all have LEDs Show the figure of the product. "Where there are roads, there are LED traffic signs" is gradually becoming a new phenomenon.



Why is the big screen very popular? Because it effectively provides data visualization, allowing people to know in an equal way, leading to consensus and trust, and realizing the interaction between people and information and data.

The laser seamless large-screen display system with advanced technology, high-definition display, stable data transmission, and reliable environmental adaptability has become the first choice of the transportation industry. Screen companies provide differentiated supporting services and solution systems and are highly integrated with the current rapid development of intelligent technology, AI technology, and information technology service systems. This change actually requires current LED display companies to pay more attention to "from technology". , Product to system service and solution” innovation ability.

In the process of smart transportation construction, the large visual screen, as an important display carrier of the smart transportation system, has become indispensable in the transportation field. Therefore, it also provides a huge market opportunity for the development of some screen companies in the transportation industry. Intelligent products and excellent solutions are the necessary foundation for attacking the smart transportation display market.


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