Benefits And Types Of Interactive Whiteboard

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Classroom whiteboards and non-electronic office whiteboards have evolved into the interactive whiteboard. Their existence is not quite new, but their benefits for meetings and presentations have recently risen to the fore in modern business.

If you are in the presentation business, then you need an interactive whiteboard to ease your presentation. Your audience will be left with an unforgettable impression.

Nevertheless, in order to not be stranded when sourcing for an interactive whiteboard, here are a few guidelines. But first and foremost, you need a guaranteed and trusted interactive whiteboard manufacturer to work with.

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Here are a Few Benefits;

  • An interactive whiteboard allows coworkers to engage with the information being discussed rather than spending 30 minutes on one-way presentations provided via a PowerPoint presentation.On the interactive whiteboard, files may be readily shared, accessed, modified, and saved. Meeting organizers can stress points in real time, making adjustments to whatever issue is being discussed as colleague response is received.
  • An interactive whiteboard also allows you to share your screen with those who are not physically present.
  • Interactive whiteboards may be gestured and worked with one to five fingers—no mouse, no points, and no ink stains.
  • Users can link interactive whiteboards to IOS and Android smart devices with a single application if they have the required hardware. As a result, there is a wider variety of data sharing and communication.


Types of Interactive Whiteboards

  • 86 inch High resolution with multra systems interactive whiteboard
  • 4k resolutions interactive whiteboard tempressed glass with multifunction smart pen
  • Smart Board-55 inches


86 Inch High Resolution with Multra Systems Interactive Whiteboard

This interactive whiteboard has an imported genuine LCD panel, an aluminum frame, a slim body, 1920*1080 pixels of true picture quality, supports JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and other image formats.

It can simultaneously play videos, images, and music. Intelligent split-screen, information release from a distance, and a timing switch.


4k Resolutions Interactive Whiteboard Tempressed Glass With Multifunction Smart Pen

The 4k resolution interactive is one of a kind as it has the following very amazing feature; Infrared touch frame with high precision; resolution up to 32768*32768 using interpolation method; plug and play; support 20 points touch.

It is flexible and provides a comforting usage. Compatible with windows, android and iOS devices.

It is Equipped with Android 8.0 intelligent operating system and unique 4K UI interface design, Quad-core high-performance CPU, 2xCA73+2xCA53, maximum 1.5GHz.

It is convenient for meeting, education and commercial displays.


Smart Board-55 inches

The smart board 55 inches is a rather delicate and amazing interactive whiteboard. It comes with features such as; 4K UHD resolution writing, delicate strokes, etc.

It also supports inserting of pictures, add pages, gesture board scrolls, zoom in, zoom out, code sharing and roaming, scan code sharing, and any channel can be annotated in any interface features.

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