Analysis Of The Principle And Main Characteristics Of Transparent LED Display

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With the continuous expansion of urban building curtain walls, as well as the continuous development of display technology. Transparent LED displays are favored by the market for their high transparency and lighting performance. So what is led transparent screen? What are the principles and specific characteristics of transparent LED display?

Transparent LED displays

The principle of transparent LED display

What is led transparent screen? The transparent LED display, as the name suggests, is that the LED screen has the property of passing light like glass. It has a permeability of 50% to 90%, and the panel thickness is only about 10mm. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.

The principle of transparent led display is a micro-innovation of led light bar screen, and targeted improvements have been made to the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. Block, improve the permeability and lighting performance.

Due to the particularity of the glass curtain wall, window and other environments, the led transparent screen cabinet is more customized. Huarong LED transparent screen adopts a simplified cabinet design, which reduces the width of the cabinet keel and the fixed number of led light strips, and the led unit panel can be used. It is installed close to the glass behind the glass, and the unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass, which has little impact on the lighting and perspective of the glass curtain wall, and is easy to install and maintain.

transparent LED display

The characteristics of transparent led display

  • High permeability, 50%-90% permeability, guarantees the original lighting and perspective function of the glass curtain wall
  • Light weight and small footprint. The thickness of the main panel is only 10mm, and the weight of the transparent screen is only 12kg/㎡
  • Beautiful installation, low cost, without any steel structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall
  • The unique display effect, the transparent background, and the advertising screen played give people the feeling of being suspended on the glass curtain wall
  • Easy and fast maintenance, indoor maintenance, fast and safe
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for fans and air conditioners to dissipate heat, more than 40% energy saving than traditional LED display


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