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Floor tile screen

Intelligent interactive tile screenCreating unique ground art
LED intelligent interactive tile screen is a new type of digital display device, whichachieves digital display of the ground by
embedding the LED screen into theground. Made of special materials, it has strong compressive and impact resistanceproperties
and can withstand the heavy pressure of personnel and objects. interactive tile screens can be used in public
places such as shopping mallsstations, exhibition halls, as well as sports venues, performing arts venues, etc.
bringing audiences a brand new visual experience and feeling

Characteristics of Tile Screen
Different characteristics meet your different needs

Strong interactivity
The LED tile screen also has touch interaction function. Simply add thepressure program, and users can
control the display content by touchingthe tile screen, achieving interaction and participation
This provides morepossibilities for commercial displays, education, and entertainment scenari-0S

Design diversity
The floor tile screen provides a rich variety of designs and pattern choices.allowing you to choose photos of different colors
textures, and shapesbased on personal preferences and needs, and can be easily
switchedwith just one click to create a unique floor decoration effect

Durable and easy to maintain,with strong pressure resistance
The floor tile screen is made of high-strength materials, which have excel-lent durability and compressive
performance even when people jump andjump on it. They are waterproof, easy to clean and maintain
and suitablefor use in various environments and places

High brightness and high-definition,good visual experience
Tile screens can display various images, animations, and video content byembedding a display screen on the ground
bringing visual shock and en-joyment to people. lt can bring vivid and attractive ground decoration ef-fects to homes
commercial places, and public spaces

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