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Transparent screen

Transparent and lightweight,innovative LED grille screen leads thenew trend of display!
LED transparent display screen is an innovative display device that uses transpar-ent materials and high brightness
LED beads to achieve a transparent display effectwithout obstructing the background, allowing the audience to see more scenes andinformation
Widely used in indoor places such as exhibitions, shopping malls,squares, hotels, etc.
it can add a lot of color to activities and is also a high-qualityand cost-effective display device

The characteristics ofLED transparent screens
Advanced LED transparent display technology to meet your different needs

Lightweight and transparent
The LED grille screen adopts a grid like design, which makes the entiredisplay screen have a smaller volume and weight
thus achieving the char-acteristics of lightweight and transparency. This makes LED grille screensmore suitable for special occasions
such as building exterior walls, glasscurtain walls. etc.

Strong plasticity, can be installedaccording to different situations
The modular design of the LED grille screen makes it very flexible, allowingfor free splicing and combination according to actual needs
Whether it isfat or curved display, LED grille screens can meet the needs of differentshapes and sizes
achieving more diverse and creative display effects

High definition display
The LED grille screen adopts a high-density LED dot matrix arrangement,vhich can provide high pixel density and resolution
thereby achievingligh-definition and delicate image and video display
Viewers can watch upilose and still enjoy clear and delicate visual effects

Good transparency, notobstructing light
Due to the use of a grid like design, the LED grille screen has high trans-parency
which can fully utilize the background light and achieve a trans-parent effect
This ensures that LED grille screens do not significantly ob.struct the lighting and landscape of buildings
when applied to exteriorwalls




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