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LED transparent screen

LED transparent screenilluminating your world
Screen LED and flexible screen are one of the new types of transparentscreens. lt don't require complicated installation processes
You can justtear off the adhesive film and stick it on the glass to energize and signal
soit is called film can be bent freely within a certain range and can becustomized in size and shape
The transparency rate can reach 95%. Theinstallation of LED film screen will not change the original appearance of thebuilding
basically does not affect ventilation and lighting, and does not affectthe line of sight

Different characteristics meet your different needs

Ultra-thin and ultra-lightSupport cutting and strong flexibility
The light panel is made of hollow glass fiber board, and the componentsare mounted on the surface through vacuum sealing process
The thickness of the film screen is 3-6 mm, and the weight of the filmscreen is 3KG/mCan be cut to
any required size and can be attached to any curvature ofglass/wall

Save installation costs
It will not affect the original design, does not require steel frame structuralsupport
and does not need to change the appearance of the building. ltcan be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging theoriginal
structure of the building. Effectively reduce transportation and in-stallation costs. Just tear off the film on the surface
stick it on gently, andfinally connect the signal and power box to power on

High transparency and easyinstallation
The transmittance can reach up to 95%, which does not affect daily light-ing
You only need to gently stick the film screen on it, and then connectthe signal and power
lt will not affect outdoor lighting. When the screenstops working
it basically integrates with the building when viewed from adistance

Resume download from breakpoint
The light-emitting chip uses a micron-level light source and adopts afour-in-one packaging method
There are no other electronic componentsexcept LED lamp beads. Adopting a breakpoint resumption solution
if asingle point is broken, it will not affect the normal display of other lampbeads


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