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small pitch screen

ndoor and outdoorsmall pitch LED display screens
Small pitch LED is an advanced LED display technology, which is unique in that thepixel spacing is relatively small
and more spacing can be selected according to dif.ferent usage situations.
This feature enables small pitch LED displays to presentextremely high resolution and excellent visual effects
Therefore, it is widely used invarious occasions, including conference halls
television stations, studios, monitor-ing centers, commercial displays, etc

Hire LED display features
Advanced LED display technology to meet your different needs

High quality lamp beads
The use of high-quality table sticker lamps, product quality is stable, reli-able and guaranteed; no flicker, no particles
high conductive hot spot, fastheat dissipation, not easy to rust the copper bracket, brand lamp beads
the surface of the matte matte surface treatment, no reflection, fog gel, lu-minescence is softer

Wide color gamut, clear andbright picture
Small pitch LEDs present bright and realistic colors. Through advanceddisplay control technology and high-quality LED chips
small pitch LED dis-plays can present a wide color gamut and high contrast
making the colorsof images and videos more full and colorful, immersing the audience in avisual feast

High resolution, clearer image quality
Small pitch LED display screens have smaller pixel spacing, which canachieve high-density pixel arrangement
providing higher resolution, finerand clearer image and video presentation, and richer details

Modular design for easyinstallation and maintenance
The modular design of small pitch LED allows the LED display screen tobe composed of multiple small modules
each module typically consistingof several LED units. These modules can be flexibly combined to form thedesired display screen size and shape
Whether it is flat display, curveddisplay, or other non-traditional shaped displays, modular design can beeasily achieved
Modules are usually connected by plug-in connections,making the installation process faster and more convenient

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