LCD Display

Data visualization

Real-time information delivery

Huarong provide customized solutions for commercial display products with the advanced level of the industry. Thousands of successful solution has been successively provided for monitoring centers, conference centers, outdoor media, smart education, commercial integration, smart transportation and other different industries.

product advantages

With expertise backed by 10+ years' experience, working across all sectors, our experts understand the dynamics of how LCD technology is applied in your industry.

High Resolution

No geometric distortion

Compact, thin, and light

Size variable

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Huarong bring spaces to life through led display. From out of home media to transit, our led display make landmarks, organisations and venues more attractive to the crowds you want to engage.

Sewage treatment plant monitor lcd video wall

49 inch LCD Display for industrial park monitoring center

55 inches 2X3;65 inches 2.8mm 2x2

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