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3D LED Display Fan

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Different advertising display,3D holographic fan screen
3D holographic fan screen product is an innovative display device that is able topresent realistic 3D holographic
images in the air through rotating LED fan bladesand high-speed image processing technology. lt is not only stunning
but also addsvisual effect and artistic atmosphere to various occasions. Our products have anumber of excellent features
including three-dimensional borderless images, highresolution, clear and smooth image display
and support for a variety of image for-mats. Widely used in commercial displays
advertising and publicity, artistic perfor-mances and other occasions
they can attract the audience's attention and enhancethe brand image and attractiveness of products

3D LED Display Fan features
We have a wealth of experience in installing LED displays

Realistic three-dimensional image
Through the rotating LED fan blades and high-speed image processingtechnology
it presents realistic 3D holographic images, making the audi.ence feel as if they were there

Arbitrary splicing Unlimitedexpansion of the display screen
Can be used directly by a single device, can also be used by multiple devices splicing, display screen unlimited extension

High resolution display
Featuring high-resolution LED fan blades and advanced image processingtechnology
it ensures image clarity and richness of details, enabling view-ers to enjoy high-quality visual effects

Diverse image format support
Able to support a variety of image formats, such as video, pictures, anima-tion, etc.
which is convenient for users to create and display to meet theneeds of different occasions


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